Master´s Thesis

The study programme is closed by the final state examination, including defence of the Master thesis (MT).

  1.  MT – deadline overview
  2.  MT – formal aspects
  3. MT-Archive
  4.  List of MT topics/ supervisors

MT – deadline overview
  1. Choose the MT topic and your thesis  supervisor (before the 3rd semester) – list of topics  find here (it is possible to suggest your  own topic after making an arrangement with your supervisor)
  2. In the 3rd semester – gather information, sources and researches
  3. In the 4th semester – write and finalise the MT
  4. Submit your MT both in printed form in the QEA Office and in the online form into InSIS at latest until  10th May 2018/ 30 June 2018.
  5. Defend your MT within your final state examination (at least one week before the state exam you will get the supervisor´s  and opponent´s  reviews). Find here a template for the MT presentation. The state exam takes place on 11 June 2018/ 24 August 2018.
MT – formal aspects
  1. The total lenght of the MT is 60 to 80 norm pages excluding annexes, printed in A4 format.
  2. Recommended line spacing 1.15, typeface – a proportional serif font of size 12 pt (norm/ standard page: 250-280 words/ 1.800 characters, including spaces)
  3. Pages are numbered consecutively except the front page.
  4. Do not forget to cite sources of all third-party information (citation, paraphrases).
  5. Structure of the MT:

Find here How to write thesis – presentation.


All MT are to be checked by the anti-plagiarism software.



Find here QEA Master Thesis Archive.


List of MT topics/ supervisors

(it is possible to suggest your  own topic after making an arrangement with your supervisor)


Arlt, Josef


Bašta, Milan


Cahlík, Tomáš


Čabla, Adam


Fábry, Jan


Fiala, Petr


Formánek, Tomáš


Helman, Karel



Kuncová, Martina


Malá, Ivana


Mazouch, Petr


Šimpach, Ondřej




Šulc, Zdeněk



Vltavská, Kristýna


Zimmermann, Pavel


Zouhar, Jan

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