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Round II (5 March – 30 April 2018)

  1. Minimum admission requirements
  2. E-application
  3. Application fee
  4. Application package: required documents
  5. Admission exam
  6. Acceptance to the programme / admission offer
  7. Matriculation

1. Minimum admission requirements

a. Bachelor degree in a related field of study

According to the Czech legislation concerning higher (university) education, every candidate for a second cycle (master/graduate) degree programme must have successfully achieved a first cycle (bachelor/undergraduate) degree/title.

In order to be able to successfully perform in the QEA programme, the respective first cycle degree should have been achieved in as related field study, such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics or another quantitatively oriented discipline.

I am in my final bachelor year and will not have completed my studies by QEA deadline for application…

Please continue reading here.

My bachelor diploma is from a country different from the Czech Republic…

Please continue reading here.


b. English language knowledge

  1. You are a native speaker of English.
  2. You have done your bachelor studies in English.
  3. You can prove that your English language skills correspond to at least level B2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) by one of the following internationally recognized language certificates:
    • Cambridge English: First, Advanced, Proficiency (FCE, CAE, CPE)
    • IELTS: 5.5 or higher
    • TOEFL iBT: 87 or higher
    • An equivalent: If you would like to use a proof/certificate of English language knowledge different from those mentioned above, please consult this possibility with QEA office well in advance.

2. E-application

Please use the  VŠE E-Application System.

The application period for 2018/2019, Round II (programme start in September 2017) will be running from 5th March to 30th April 2018.


3. Application fee

This is an administrative fee in amount of 50 EUR (1300 CZK) that must be paid in order your application can be processed.
Instructions for payment will be available to you in the e-application system once you have started your e-application.

The administration fee is non-refundable.
For more information about the fee please read here.


4. Application package: required documents

No. Document Originals/ copies Language Comments
1. Documents concerning your bachelor/undergraduate studies/diploma:

a.Studies already FINISHED: Bachelor/undergraduate diploma & Diploma Supplement/final Transcript of Records.


b.Studies BEING FINISHED this academic year: current Transcript of Records.

certified copies English / Czech / Slovak Instead of a (copy of) a bachelor diploma, another confirmation of completion of the bachelor studies issued by the respective university/institution is acceptable.

If your diploma was/will be issued by a higher education institution not accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education , you will usually need to get a certificate of recognition of your diploma by the respective Czech recognition authority – more informatione above.

2. Proof of English language knowledge original documents or certified copies English / Czech / Slovak Further information and instructions are given above.
3. CV original English Structured CV including your photo.
Max. 2 pages please.
4. 1 recommendation/reference letter original English / Czech / Slovak The author of the letter should be a person who has known you well academically or professionally (e.g. your teacher, academic thesis/project supervisor, professional team leader) and can tell us more about your qualities, abilities and achievements relevant to your application for the QEA Master. (Please remember that the author’s contact details must be included in the letter.)
5. National ID or passport copy English / Czech / Slovak x

How to submit the application package

Your application package containing all documents listed above must be sent per post or per e-mail.
Check our postal address here.
The postmark must be prior to the application deadline date or correspond to it – 30th April 2018.
We strongly recommend that you make and keep copies (scans can be especially useful) of all the documents you include in your application package and that you send your file by certified mail so you have a proof of the sending date and your package can be tracked in case of need.


5. Admission exam

No appearance in person required, to be done per e-mail.

You will be asked to comment on/interpret a small set of statistical data and outputs from statistical software programmes or similar.

Background knowledge needed: corresponding to the curricula of the quantitatively oriented bachelor degrees available at FIS VSE. (Check the respective study plans here.)

Model exam/sample test ist available here.

Date of the admission exam: 11 – 13 May 2018.



6. Acceptance to the programme / admission offer


7. Matriculation

The moment of your official registration for studies at the university.

You will receive an invitation and further instructions once you are offered admission in the QEA Master.

Usually the matriculation takes place within the Orientation Week that is organized for newly admitted international students just before the beginning of the first semester of studies (i.e. around mid-September).

Please note that if you do not go through the matriculation procedure, you will loose your right to start studying the QEA Master.